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Multimedia World: The Different Media Players Online You Can Use Today

More advancement in internet development is now allowing users to access media files online. The media players are capable of playing the files of low and high bandwidths and there are different types of players developed for playing both video and audio online files.

Audio Players

The HTML5 browsers are gaining more attention in the market. These players are more advanced therefore easier to use than the online players initially used. Some of the players include;

Scott Andrews HTML5 Audio Player. This is a small, simple but very fast audio player. It operates in mobile websites and other low bandwidth websites. The player has not been tied to any particular framework and therefore it works so easily.

Audio PlayersMediaElement. This is the most commonly used online audio players and can also support video files. It has custom Flash, Silverlight players working with other old browsers and even those that mimic the normal MediaElement player. This player provides plugins for major CMSs including Joomla, WordPress and others. It is easy to modify and extend the framework through JavaScript plugins, making it play very well. The player supports Ambilight, full screen video and it can easily be skinned.

MooTools. Whenever you use the MooTools JavaScript, you are likely to come across this player. It is quite fast and compact. It allows the users to customize it and it is also cross-browser compatible. The player, unlike some other players, skips bells and whistles to allow for easy skinning and can support different themes. This player does not stand alone, but it is faster and more flexible.

SpeakkerIt has elegant themes with different buttons. The player has a minimalistic look with good styling which gives it a nice feel. One will need to install it in order to use it. The user can add additional information and other links to social media, change themes and many other things. This makes the player have a wide use, especially by the online marketers.

Audio.jsIt has no frills and it provides drop-in functionality on any platform. It can easily be customized to serve well as a drop-in for most websites. It is designed majorly for mobile sites and other low bandwidth websites.

jPlayer. It is based on the framework: jQuery. The player has a flexible API which is familiar to the jQuery developers. It is very fast and quite easy to use. It has a very small size of about 8KB.

Universal HTML5 PlayerIt offers cross-device compatibility and works on iOS, desktop browsers and even Android devices.

SoundManager 2This is one of the most customizable players. It can be skinned by the user to any theme, image or any other design according to the taste of the user.

Video Players

LeadPlayerThis player lets the users use YouTube for hosting. This player modifies the YouTube features such as more info, sharing and related videos then overlays the player on top. It works as a simple WordPress plugin. Business people may prefer to use it since it allows adding call buttons while redirecting the viewer to where the host wants.

Video PlayersEasy Video SuiteIt was introduced in the market in 2012. This application does not require to be installed and can be used by PCs and Mac devices. One needs to set up an Amazon account to use this application. This application allows one to record video on the desktop, mobile phone, webcam and can edit them to make any changes before uploading them.

WistiaThis is normally used for professional video marketing providing both hosting and customizable players. The application has detailed integrations with external tools including the Google analytics. The application works on most devices and allows the users to customize their videos and even accounts. It has a Super-Embed Builder tool that helps to generate the embed codes and customize the video look and behavior. It offers closed captioning and transcripts required in the video marketing world.

VooPlayerThis online video player is mostly used by marketers because it allows them to optimize their videos making them hit more sales. This online media player has a free hosting and does not require to be installed. People who lack technical knowledge about how to manage online media players will find this easier to use. This player allows marketers to easily add the buy or some other clickable buttons. The player also allows for split testing of videos and collect data concerning their performance. The player has the ability to mask the hosting URL within the embed code. It is compatible with HTML 5 and plays well in Android and iPhone platforms.

ViewBixThis player supports such sites as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo Pro. It is mostly used when sharing videos in the social media. The player has many ups and allows the users to add photos from their devices, lists, coupons and even QR codes.